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Lake Texoma Report

    Just a quick update before the weekend arrives. Looks like good weather and the fishing should be really good. Lake level is at 617.6 (normal) and the temperature at the dam is 62, while the surface temperature is running 58-60 degrees. We are seeing several large schools of fish in the Highport area and the birds have been pointing the way to them. Use a 4 inch glo Sassy Shad on a 1 oz. head and count the bait down to where the fish are holding. A slow retrieve to keep the bait at the right level has been the best approach. After the birds quit working the fish you can still catch them in around 15 foot of water on the edges of the flats and on humps with the same bait worked close to the bottom. Good Luck and Be Safe!

Mike Anderson
FishHawk Guide Service
"If you are to busy to fish, then you are just too busy!"

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Mike Anderson
FishHawk Guide Service
"If you are to busy to fish, then you are just too busy!"

  Texas Sportsmen's Junction, in a joint project with CHAMA seeks ranches in Texas to participate in game management research and receive the benefits of a free game management consultation. We are continually working for you - the hunters and landowners who make Texas hunting the greatest sport hunting in the world! If you would like more information on or to participate in our free game management program, please contact us. 

Texas deer season 2002-2003 is on the way!

    The good rainfall totals this spring promise a productive fall in terms of fawns born and antler growth. See our hunting section for tips and ideas, where to find a lease and get gear. Spring turkey season has come and gone, but our turkey hunting page has  ideas and gear for fall and check out our  day hunts to find a place to hunt.

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    Texas Sportsmen's Junction is proud of our new product the Hopper Chopper deer feeder. The deadliest deer feeder available on the market. The Hopper Chopper slices and slings the treats deer love - apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears - the stuff that keep deer coming back for more! 

        Texas Sportsmen's Junction starts 2002 with high hopes for a bright new year full of promises of big bucks, big fish, and a camp with pork chops in the frying pan for breakfast. 

            Texas deer season 2002-2003 is almost here . Texas Sportsmen's Junction is proud to be the home of the first original free season deer lease listings and we also list spring turkey hunts for free. We don't think you should have to pay for listing a lease or reading lease listings.  Click here  to post your available Texas deer lease on the Season Lease & Day Hunt Page. We list day hunts for the duration of the season for a very nominal rate compared to newspaper advertising. Click here for details. 

    The warm weather this summer promises a good local fishing scene.  Get out and get fishing on Texas lakes if you can. Try Fishing and Fishing links for more information on local action. 

    Soon the best weather of the year for camping will be upon us. Get out and go camping before the crowds hit, or reserve a spot now for Thanksgiving. Try some of the hottest spots in Texas, see Camping for some ideas.

    Join CHAMA , the Concerned Hunters Animal Management Association, and help promote and preserve the Texas Whitetail deer resource for ourselves and our children. Use the online game management resources to increase and improve the whitetail deer on your lease or land. Get your game management questions answered by our game management staff.

    A Texas Sportsmen's Junction is presented by an experienced outdoors staff who would much rather be hunting, fishing, or camping.  However, until the company provides  laptops with broadband access, we will remain at our desk (although we may move it to the backyard for special events or nice days) ready to serve all who hunt, fish, and camp Texas. 

                        Our staff has been forced to endure the hardship of forcing ourselves to hunt, fish, and camp, even when we didn't want to. We endure these hardships so we can give first hand reports to our readers on hunting, fishing, and camping.  Many are the days we wanted to stay home with the family, only to be forced out to the woods or lake because of the awesome responsibilities to the many hunters, fishermen, and campers who visit our site and expect to find what they want to know! Hunting, fishing, camping, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. 

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